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Play Guidelines

  1. Please do not consume your own food and drink on the premises. The only excpetion is if you bring your own birthday  cake for your own party.

  2. No food or drink is to be consumed in the play areas.

  3. No chewing gum is allowed on the premises.

  4. No shoes are to be worn in the play area and socks must be worn at all times.

  5. Children may be asked to remove jewellery, badges or other accessories.

  6. For the safety of your child, we recommend that long sleeves, trousers, jeans or tracksuits are worn to prevent friction burns while using the play equipment.

  7. All health and safety guidelines will be followed by staff and all parents and guardians are asked to co-operate with the staff in this regard. Should an accident occur, parents must immediately inform the supervising staff if the incident has not already been reported.


Additional rules for parties...

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